How do you shape an orchid spike?

What does a healthy orchid spike look like?

Healthy spikes are green and firm to the touch. Unhealthy spikes are brown or yellow in color. Some orchids have a single-spike and some are double-spiked. Know what kind of spikes you’re dealing with before you begin the trimming process.

Should I trim orchid stem?

Do you trim orchid stems? You should trim the stem of a phalaenopsis orchid after blooming has finished. Trim your orchid just above the node on the stem directly below where the first flower bloomed. This will increase the chance of another cycle of blooming from the same flower spike.

How do you make multiple orchid spikes?

To produce multiple spikes, the orchid should have grown at least 2 new leaves during the new growing season from Spring to Autumn. This is because flower spikes are produced on new locations on the sides of the orchid stem and not in the same location as the previous spike.

Why won’t my orchid grow a new spike?

Give Your Spikes a Check-Up

A brown or yellow spike will not produce any new buds. Weak, short or thin spikes are signs of inadequate light, too much light or a mineral deficiency. If you suspect a virus, isolate your plant to keep the sickness from spreading.

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What do you do with a new orchid spike?

You should not cut a flower spike immediately after an orchid has finished blooming. Instead, wait until the top section of the flower spike turns brown, then cut it just above the 3rd or 4th node. By doing this, the flower spike may produce a lateral spike from one of the nodes, leading to another crop of blooms.

What are the shoots coming out of my orchid?

Orchid shoots produce leaves or flower stems, which are also called spikes. Generally, once a spike has finished blooming, it dies. Phalaenopsis is different from other commercially available orchids because it may set a second round of flower buds on a spike after its first set of blossoms dies.

Why is my orchid spike turning red?

Too Much Light Exposure. Sometimes, the flower spikes of Phalaenopsis orchids can turn red or reddish due to environmental factors. One cause of this is too much light exposure. This is a normal reaction that these plants may have with their environment.

Can an orchid spike rebloom?

Some Phalaenopsis orchids are genetically incapable of reblooming from the old spike, but most will rebloom from the old spike with a little extra care. The question is where to cut the flower spikes to initiate reblooming. You can use a straight-edged razor blade to cut flower spikes.

Why is my orchid spike turning yellow?

Yellow orchid stems can develop when the plants get too much direct light or the flower spike is dying. The stems can also turn red, pink or brown, but if they turn black, it can be a sign of a fungal infection. Withered, yellow stems will not produce flowers, so they should be cut.

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