How does pollination occur in Mediterranean orchid?

Hint: Mediterranean orchid Ophrys is cross-pollinated with the help of bees. Bees by chance pollinate the Mediterranean orchid Ophrys because according to the bee, it was a process of copulation.

How does the Mediterranean orchid Ophrysensures its pollination by bees?

Male bee mistakes the Ophrys for female bee and tries to copulate. Few pollen grains adhered with the body of the male bee fall over stigma of the flower thereby leading to pollination. How does an orchid ophrys ensures its pollination by bees?

How are orchid pollinated?

Some orchids use nectar rewards to lure their pollinators. The nectar attracts the insect pollinator to the flower. … When the insect visits the flowers of another orchid of the same species, it transfers the pollen and fertilises the flower, which leads to the production of seeds.

How does the floral pattern of Mediterranean orchid of guarantee cross pollination?

“How does the floral pattern on Mediterranean orchid Ophrys guarantee cross pollination ?” The orchid bears flowers which resembles the female wasp in colour, smell as well as appearance. The male pollinators mistake them as their female counterparts. In the process of their pseudocopulating, they pollinate the flower.

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What type of pollination occurs in orchids?

Orchids pollinated by flies are common throughout the world. In most fly-pollinated orchids, special adaptations have developed—superimposed on the basic pattern of the bee-pollinated orchid flower—to guide the somewhat poorly oriented flies.

How does the Mediterranean orchid?

The flower of the Mediterranean orchid Ophrys resembles totally the female structure of the bee. Bees misinterpret it as a female bee and perform a copulation process. This is known as pseudocopulation and in this way, the flower is pollinated. When the male wasp sees it gets attracted and proceeds to copulate it.

Which of the following pseudocopulation with the flowers of Mediterranean orchid?

The Mediterranean orchid Ophrys uses sexual deceit to pollinate a bee species, with one flower petal resembling a bee female in size and color markings, The male bee is attracted to what it perceives as the female pseudo-copulates with the flower and, during that process, is dusted with pollen from the flower, when the …

Do you have to pollinate orchids?

As we all know, orchids DO bloom and blooming is for the purpose of propagation. … Because they don’t have pollen that floats through the air as the younger plant families do, orchids are HIGHLY dependent on having a pollinator work for them.

What happens when you pollinate an orchid?

If pollination is successful, a pollen tube will develop and grow, and the ovary of the flower will begin to swell and eventually form a seed capsule filled with hundreds of thousands to millions of seeds (Roberts and Dixon 2008).

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What two things are unique about the pollination biology of orchids?

Orchid flowers are unique. Their male organs (one or two anthers) fuse to the back of the female organs (pistils). Both sets of organs work together to transfer pollen to a visitor and then collect it again when the insect enters a second flower encouraging cross-pollination.

How do orchids reproduce?

In the wild, orchids propagate, or reproduce, much the same way other plants do. They are pollinated and the pollen and seeds spread to other areas. When they find a favorable growing medium, they will put down the meager roots that they have and grow.

Are orchids pollinated by birds?

Many species of small birds, such as hummingbirds and sun birds, are pollinators for plants such as orchids and other wildflowers. … The flower typically has a curved, tubular shape, which allows access for the bird’s beak. Brightly-colored, odorless flowers that are open during the day are pollinated by birds.