How late into flower can you spray Athena IPM?

A: Athena IPM is good from Veg to the 5th week of flower. It is used as a foliar spray and treats all soft tissue insects and powdery mildew.

How do you use Athena IPM spray?

Treatment Strength: Mix 90-120 mL Athena IPM per gallon of water. Spray with lights off or in early morning sun. Start with a lower dose then increase if problem persists. At least 3 applications spaced 3 days apart are required to treat most pests.

Is Athena IPM safe?

When used as directed Athena IPM penetrates plant crevices and leaf surfaces where unwanted biotic infections seek to colonize. Athena IPM dissolves protective membranes protecting insects and moulds.

Effective Against.

Spider Mites Two-Spotted Spider Mites Southern Red Mites
Aphids Chiggers Whitefly

How do you use Athena products?

Regular Use: Mix 2-5 mL per gallon water in every irrigation. Severe Conditions: Mix 10 mL per gallon water for combatting severe reservoir and growing media conditions. Mix 10 mL per gallon of water during the final flush to reduce mineral load in media and plant tissue. Mix 10 mL Cleanse per gallon of water.

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How do I use Athena stack?

Mix 2ml per gallon water and bare root soak for 30-60 seconds prior to transplanting or water in solution after transplanting. Stack may reduce transplant stress and improves plant vigor. Seed Treatment: Mix 4ml per gallon water and soak seed for 1-2 minutes before planting.

Can you use tap water with Athena?

Tap water has the buffering capacity and will hold a stable pH once you mix nutrients. Here is the protocol on how to use Balance: Use as a pH up. Do not use the recommended dosages on the bottle.

How do you flush Athena nutrients?

Mix 375 mL Cleanse per gallon water and spray evenly. Test on a small area first to ensure no damage. Spraying cultivation surfaces, work areas and irrigation equipment with a dilute solution of Athena Cleanse (375 mL per gallon) helps maintain a clean and trouble-free environment without toxic and dangerous chemicals.

Can Athena Ag be used in soil?


This Feed Schedule works well in most soil conditions. If your media has a lot of perlite (+30%), increase EC.

How do you balance Athena?

How To Use Always mix Athena Balance first in clean water before mixing other fertilizers and additives. Cleanse may be added before Balance. Note: Athena Balance will raise your solution pH. Regular usage Add 2-5 mL per gallon to your reservoir prior to mixing in other fertilizers and additives.

What does Athena cleanse do?

Athena Cleanse at a rate of 5-10 mL/ gallon of water during the final flush stage to help reduce residual mineral buildup in the growing media. This procedure may be used at any time during vegetative or flowering phases if the growing media or irrigation system develops mineral imbalance or unwanted buildup.

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How do you mix Athena AG?

Always use in combination with Athena Pro Core. Measure by weight, not volume. Do not combine in dry or concentrate forms. Stock Tank: Mix at most 2.5 lbs per 1 gallon water, agitate well until dissolved.

How do you use foliar spray?

Foliar feed should be applied in the early morning when the air is cool. Spray plants until you see the mixture dripping from the leaves. To help the foliar application stick to plants, add a small amount of insecticidal soap or horticultural oil. Do not forget to spray the underside of leaves as well.

How do you do Athena flush?

Foliar: Mix 375 mL per gallon of water to improve health of foliage. * Media Flush: Use at a rate of 10 mL per gallon of water to reduce mineral buildup. Cuttings: Mix 10 mL per gallon of water and dip cuttings to improve plant cell health. *Safe to use from seedlings through harvest.

Can you foliar spray Power Si?

Foliar spraying PowerSi with Athena Stack will give you a faster transition into bloom, combined with tighter internode spacing and increased lateral branching.

How do you spray Power Si?

Power Si Original

  1. When looking to slow vertical growth, use 6ML per 5 gallons of water.
  2. When looking to repair your crops, use 2ML per liter or 8ML per gallon.
  3. For general maintenance, use 1ML per liter or 4ML per gallon.

Can you foliar feed Power Si?

Power Si Foliar

I used power si bloom foliar thought the process at 2 ml per gallon. I always apply foliar right before turning off the light to prevent touching of the leaves, that’s happened to me before with other foliar applications.

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