What are the genotypes and phenotypes of a cross between two purebred pea plants for flower colors?

Offspring have one copy of each parental allele. When a pure-bred colored flower plant is cross-fertilized with a pure-bred white flower plant, all the F1 plants have colored flowers. Colored is the dominant phenotype. The genotype of the F1 plants is Cc.

What are the two possible phenotypes for peas?

For the pea plants, if the red allele is dominant and the white allele is recessive, only two phenotypes are possible. Both the plants with red-red and red-white genotypes will have the red phenotype, while the plants with the white-white genotype will have the white phenotype.

What is the genotype of pea plant?

In pea plants, round peas (R) are dominant to wrinkled peas (r). You do a test cross between a pea plant with wrinkled peas (genotype rr) and a plant of unknown genotype that has round peas. You end up with three plants, all which have round peas.

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What would be the phenotype for pod color of a pea plant with the genotype GG?

Only plants with genotype gg have yellow pods. In this example, 1/2 of the offspring have green pods and 1/2 have yellow pods.

How many phenotypes do pea plants have?

Mendel used pea plants with seven distinct traits or phenotypes to determine the pattern of inheritance and the underlying genotypes.

How is the phenotype of a pea plant different from its genotype?

Phenotype is a way to describe the traits you can see. The genotype is like a recipe for a cake, while the phenotype is like the cake made from the recipe. The genotype expresses the phenotype. For example, the phenotypes of Mendel’s pea plants were either tall or short, or they were purple-flowered or white-flowered.

What is a genotype and phenotype?

The genotype refers to the genetic material passed between generations, and the phenotype is observable characteristics or traits of an organism.

How many phenotypes can be expressed?

There are three common alleles in the ABO system. These alleles segregate and assort into six genotypes, as shown in Table 1. As Table 1 indicates, only four phenotypes result from the six possible ABO genotypes.

What happens when two homozygous plants are crossed?

Tutorial. The F1 plants, produced by a cross of true-breeding (homozygous) parents differing in a single trait, are all heterozygous and display the dominant phenotype as shown in the Punnett square.

What is genotypic and phenotypic ratio?

The genotype ratio is the set of genes in our DNA which is responsible for a particular trait. The phenotype ratio is the physical expression, or characteristics, of that trait. For example, two organisms that have even the minutest difference in their genes are said to have different genotypes.

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How do you determine genotypes?

Knowing the Genotype: Punnett Square

A Punnett square is one of the simplest ways to determine genotype. The square is actually a mini-chart used to determine the potential genotype for an offspring with respect to particular trait.

What is the genotype for a pea plant heterozygous for round seeds?

So, As the pea plant is heterozygous for round shape, its genotype would be Rr.

Is DD a phenotype or genotype?

Remember that both DD and Dd genotypes are tall in phenotype. You cannot “see” genotypes, so all you “see” are 3 “identical” tall plants for every dwarf.

What is genotype in plants?

The genotype of a plant is a word used describes the genetic make – up of the plant. The context that it is used depends upon whether it is being used to describe the whole genome, the DNA sequence of individual genes or a collection of scores at different genetic markers.

What is the term genotype?

A genotype is an individual’s collection of genes. The term also can refer to the two alleles inherited for a particular gene. … The expression of the genotype contributes to the individual’s observable traits, called the phenotype.

What is the genotype of the heterozygote?

An organism with one dominant allele and one recessive allele is said to have a heterozygous genotype. In our example, this genotype is written Bb. Finally, the genotype of an organism with two recessive alleles is called homozygous recessive. In the eye color example, this genotype is written bb.