What can you see in the Valley of Flowers?

What is special about Valley of Flowers?

Valley of Flowers National Park is an Indian national park, located in Chamoli in the state of Uttarakhand and is known for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and the variety of flora. … The park is open only during summer from June to October and it is covered by heavy snow for the rest of the year.

Which flowers are found in Valley of Flowers?

Flora in Valley of Flowers

Flowers that carpet the meandering meadows of Valley of Flowers include Orchids, Poppies, Primilas, Marigold, Daisies, Geranium, Petunia, Sediams, Lilies, Calendula, Zinnia and several others.

Is Valley of Flowers beautiful?

On the top of the list is the stunning Valley of Flowers in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand that is also a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site. … In fact, it is a designated park, called the Valley of Flowers National Park, which is rich in flora and fauna and breathtaking natural beauty.

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Is Valley of Flowers worth visiting?

The Valley of flowers is enveloped in cradle of the majestic Himalayas and hence it is one of the best places to admire these mighty “guards”. The mountains surrounding Valley of Flowers also border China and Nepal, while it also flanked by the incredible Zanskar and other Great Himalayan Peaks from all sides.

When should we visit Valley of Flowers?

The valley is accessible only between the months of June and October and the best time to visit the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is between July and mid-August when it is in full bloom. Here is what you can expect during these months: June.

Why is it called Valley of Flowers?

The valley is believed to have been discovered in 1931, when three British mountaineers – led by Frank S Smythe – lost their way and chanced upon this spectacular valley. Attracted by the beauty of this place they named it the “Valley of Flowers”.

What plants are there in valleys?

Plants For Valley Grassland

  • Acer negundo californicum California Box Elder. …
  • Achillea millefolium californica Yarrow. …
  • Achillea millefolium rosea Island Pink Pink California Yarrow. …
  • Agoseris grandiflora Mountain dandelion. …
  • Agrostis hooverii. …
  • Allium crispum Wild Onion. …
  • Allium haematochiton Red skinned onion.

What is the Valley of Flowers Class 4?

Ans- The Valley of flowers is a place in the hills of Uttaranchal where there are flowers everywhere. … Ans- The Valley of Flowers seems like a beautiful dream because like a dream these flowers bloom only for a few weeks in the year. Q. Draw your own floral design in your notebook and colour it as well.

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Which animal is protected in Valley of Flowers National Park?

Nestled high in West Himalaya, India’s Valley of Flowers National Park is renowned for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and outstanding natural beauty. This richly diverse area is also home to rare and endangered animals, including the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, brown bear and blue sheep.

Will Valley of Flowers open in 2021?

In 2021, the Valley of Flowers National park is open for visitors on 1 June and will close on 31-October.

Can we stay in Valley of Flowers?

Staying in Valley of Flowers

Being situated in the protected wildlife area, no one is allowed to stay for the night at mesmerizing Valley of Flowers, therefore there is no accommodation in the Park. So, one has to trek back to either Ghangaria or Govindghat in order to find an accommodation in the same day.

Is Valley of Flowers crowded?

Tourists and trekkers usually spill in from the end of August. So in July, you don’t see too many other people. It’s a big bonus on such a popular trek,” says Gourab. In case you didn’t know, Valley of Flowers is one of our most crowded treks.

Is Valley of Flowers safe?

Is it safe to travel to Valley of Flowers? It is always safe while you travel in Uttarakhand as locals are humble and polite. As Valley of Flowers trek is quite demanding, therefore tourists should be physically and mentally fit for the trek.

Is there helicopter service for Valley of Flowers?

Helicopter Services for Valley of Flowers National Park

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As it shares a common trekking route of 10 kms from Govindghat to Ghangariya like Hemkund so Helicopter services and charges are the same for Valley of Flowers National Park for one side per person.

Is Valley of Flowers Trek easy?

The difficulty level of the Valley of Flowers Trek is moderate, which requires you to be in good shape. We even recommend this trek to first-timers, but only those who are fit and adequately prepared.