When was the cactus written?

The Cactus, prose (fiction), October 1902; New York.

Who wrote the story cactus?

The theme of this short story is that you should always pay attention to details. When Trysdale received the cactus, he just though it was a flower for decoration. He though the tag on the plant was nothing. He knew it was in another language or something, but he just didn’t pay attention to it.

What is The Cactus by O. Henry all about?

In the short story, ”The Cactus” by O. Henry, the main character, Trysdale, has just left a wedding and is reflecting on his past relationship with the bride. In his misery, he recalls deceiving her into believing that he knew Spanish, and his pride made him believe that perception meant more than reality.

What is the setting of The Cactus by O. Henry?

The setting is in an apartment building where he gets the cactus. He is also at his wedding as he waits for the bride. In the story The Cactus by O. Henry, the main character is a man named Trysdale.

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What does The Cactus symbolize in The Cactus by O. Henry?

Cactus, a thorny plant, a conventionally accepted symbol of repulsion and distancing, suffering and wound, becomes a symbol of amorous invitation. This is the imaginative genius of O. Henry – he transforms the deep-rooted conventions of the readers to ensure that they see the reversal in its entirety.

How did Trysdales lady love treat him?

She had always insisted upon placing him upon a pedestal, and he had accepted her homage with royal grandeur. It had been a very sweet incense that she had burned before him; so modest (he told himself); so childlike and worshipful, and (he would once have sworn) so sincere.

What is the irony in The Cactus?

Irony. -Example of Irony: “Without protest, he allowed her to twine about his brow this spurious bay of Spanish scholarship” (Henry 3). -Similie: “How she fluttered like a snared bird when he laid his mightiness at her feet!” (Henry 3).

What was Trysdale’s lady love’s reaction when he proposed to her what reply did she give?

Trysdale realizes the cactus was poisonous. Trysdale realizes the name of the cactus was her “yes” response to his proposal. The story is told as a flashback.

How did the woman respond to Trysdale’s proposal?

Henry, Trysdale proposes to the woman. How does she respond? She sends him a cactus with a message in Spanish. She sees him at a dinner and says yes.

What is the narrator telling us about in the story boys and girls ‘?

The narrator of ‘Boys and Girls,’ a coming of age story, tells us about her life as a child on a fox farm and how she discovered that her role in this place changes once she learns to become a ‘girl. ‘ She begins the story by announcing that her father was a fox farmer.

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When was The Cactus by O. Henry published?

The Cactus, prose (fiction), October 1902; New York.