Which of the following groups represent only Zygomorphic flower?

What is an example of Zygomorphic flower?

The examples of the zygomorphic flowers are orchids, the plants belong to the family Lamiales, the flowers belong to the family of fabaceae or the leguminosae. The plants like green pea, soybean, lentil, beans, chickpea, pigeon pea, mung bean, peanut etc. belong to the family fabaceae having zygomorphic symmetry.

Which among the following groups of plants have Zygomorphic flower?

Pea, Gulmohar, Bean, Cassia, Mustard, Datura, Chilli.

What is the symbol of Zygomorphic flower?

– When coming to floral symmetry, in Zygomorphic it can be divided only by a single plane passing through it. So it is represented by the symbol %.

In which family flower is Zygomorphic?

(A) Zygomorphic flowers are found in Fabaceae family.

Is Calotropis Zygomorphic?

Complete answer: – Zygomorphic flowers are referred to as flowers in which the perianth segments within each whorl are bilaterally symmetrical about one vertical plane. … – In Calotropis then sepals in a whorl touch one another at the margin, without overlapping, it is said to be valvate aestivation.

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Are orchids Zygomorphic?

A flower may be radially symmetrical (see photograph), as in roses and petunias, in which case it is termed regular or actinomorphic. A bilaterally symmetrical flower, as in orchids (see photograph) and snapdragons, is irregular or zygomorphic.

Is Canna a Zygomorphic flower?

A flower which can be divided into two equal vertical halves by one plane only is called as zygomorphic, e.g., pea, bean, Cassia and gulmohar. Canna is asymmetrical while mustard, chilly and Datura possess actinomorphic symmetry.

Are petunias Zygomorphic?

The Petunia flower is zygomorphic in all floral whorls, which is partly due to the whorled or irregular arrangement of sepals and petals in the floral bud before it opens (Knapp, 2002b).

Is mustard Zygomorphic?

Flowers of gulmohur have bilateral symmetry. So, they are called zygomorphic. Datura, mustard and tomato have actinomorphic flowers.

Which of the following family has Zygomorphic corolla?

In Solanaceae, floral zygomorphy is observed in androecium, corolla, and/or calyx.

Is chilli Zygomorphic?

No, chilli is not a zygomorphic flower.

Reason : … Examples of zygomorphic flowers includes : Bean, Pea, Gulmohur. And examples of other actinomorphic flowers are : Mustard and Datura.

What is the floral formula of family Fabaceae?

The Fabaceae family is a family of legumes and is a type of angiosperm. They are one of the most common angiosperms and are spread all over the world. You already know from above the floral formula of the Fabaceae family. It is given as – % ⚥ K(5) C1+2+(2) A(9)+1 G1.

Is datura Zygomorphic flower?

Zygomorphic flowers exhibit bilateral symmetry. These flowers can be cut into two halves only in a single vertical plane. Complete answer: … Examples of actinomorphic flowers are rose, tulip, mustard, datura, and tomato.

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What is an example of Actinomorphic flower?

The examples of ‘The Actinomorphic flowers’ are ‘The lily’ (Lilium, Liliaceae), ‘The buttercup’ (Ranunculus, Ranunculaceae). Mustard, datura, chilli is also an example of the actinomorphic.