Why did my pink hydrangea turn white?

Typically, it would appear that–as they grow older–your pink hydrangeas are showing their age by flowers fading to white. … Changing the pH content of your soil (the measurement of the acid/alkaline composition) can turn fading white hydrangea blooms back to pink.

Why are my pink flowers turning white?

Answer. It is not unusual for roses to “change color.” A minor change occurs when cooler weather intensifies pink-to-red shades, or age and hot weather fade them. Knock Out ‘Blushing’ rose flowers, for example, are medium pink in cool springs like this and in fall, but a washed-out, nearly-white in summer.

Why are my pink hydrangeas losing color?

Often the plant is not getting enough water, or too much water. The plant could also not be getting the proper amount of sunlight. There is a problem with the soil. Either the nutrients in the soil have been used up, or the pH is too acidic or alkaline.

Why are my hydrangeas only white?

You see, for most French hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla), the flower color indicates the pH of the soil. In strongly acid soil (pH below 6), flowers turn blue. In alkaline soil (pH above 7), flowers turn pink or even red. … They stay white regardless of the soil pH.

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How do you keep pink hydrangeas from turning white?

Apply lime within the protective ring around your hydrangeas several times a year. Using a hand fork, loosen soil gently around the outside edges of the ring and mix lime with the top inch or two of soil to prevent it from being carried away by wind.

Do pink hydrangeas start out white?

Hydrangeas are a wonderful type of plant that you can change the color of, depending on a few varying factors. However, this also means that if you are not careful and do not maintain your hydrangeas properly, they can begin to shift from white to pink or blue, which can create a lopsided color addition to your garden.

How do you keep pink hydrangeas pink?

The only way to do this is to add garden lime to soil to help raise the pH. Sprinkle 1/2 cup of garden lime per 10 square feet. Again, you will have to add the lime every 3 to 4 weeks throughout the growing season to keep the blooms pink.

Will baking soda make hydrangeas pink?

If you want to change your white hydrangea (or even your blue ones) to a pinker color then you should add baking soda. As the baking soda and water mix is absorbed into the root system and then up the stalks you will notice that the flowers become a more vivid pink.

How do I make my hydrangeas more colorful?

Alkaline soil, with a pH above 7.0, promotes pinks and reds. With a pH between 6 and 7, the blooms turn purple or bluish-pink. To lower your pH, add garden sulfur or aluminum sulfate to your soil. To raise the pH, use ground lime.

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How do you take care of a white hydrangea?

Hydrangea Care Tips

  1. Water at a rate of 1 inch per week throughout the growing season. …
  2. Add mulch underneath your hydrangeas to help keep the soil moist and cool. …
  3. Apply fertilizer based on your specific hydrangeas. …
  4. Protect against pests and disease by choosing cultivars with resistant traits.

What do you feed white hydrangeas?

Feed your hydrangeas with Tui NovaTec Premium Fertiliser in spring and late summer/early autumn. While your hydrangeas are growing regularly apply Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic for a healthy boost. This can be applied between fertiliser feedings.

Do coffee grounds change the color of hydrangeas?

Some gardeners report success in turning their hydrangeas blue by applying coffee grounds to the soil. The coffee grounds make the soil more acidic, allowing the hydrangea to more easily absorb aluminum. In addition, fruit peels, lawn clippings, peat moss and pine needles, are thought to have a similar effect.