Best answer: How many hours of light do Oncidium orchids need?

Most will thrive with one to several hours of sun a day. Generally, thicker leaved plants, such as “mule-ear” and “equitant” oncidiums, can stand more light. In a greenhouse, 20 to 60 percent shade is required, or about 2,000 to 6,000 foot-candles, depending on the plants.

How much light do Oncidium orchids need?

Where should I put my orchid? Oncidiums are light-loving orchids, with some able to handle direct, full sun. They thrive at 60-65° F at night, and 70-85° F during the day.

Are Oncidium orchids hard to grow?

Oncidium orchids are among the most popular flowers so many plant growers wish to know how to take care of them. They are often described as temperamental and difficult to grow. However, with proper care, it’s possible to grow them relatively easily.

What is the best medium for Oncidium orchids?

Firm the medium around the roots. Keep humidity high and the potting medium dry until new roots form. Equitant and mule-ear oncidiums, as well as other fleshy-leaved or large-rooted plants, can be grown on slabs of cork bark or tree fern or in pots filled with a coarse, well-drained medium such as charcoal.

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What is the best potting mix for Oncidium orchids?

Water and Potting Mix

Coarse bark or osmunda fiber are good potting media. Many Oncidiums prefer a dry rest after flowering; if the leaves drop, you have one of these: provide only enough water to prevent the pseudobulbs from shriveling until it starts actively growing again.

Can Oncidium orchids grow on trees?

Oncidiums grow in the wild, primarily in jungles of Central and South America, and the West Indies. … Dancing Lady orchids are usually epiphytes, depending on the variety. This means that in the wild, they grow on trees by clinging to the bark. They can also sometimes grow on rocks.

When should I repot Oncidium?

Potting: Repot Oncidiums at least every two years. As a general rule, repot them when the new shoot is two to three inches tall or when new roots appear. All the old mix should be removed from the roots and any dead roots should be removed. If dividing, keep the divisions in clumps of three to five mature bulbs.

How often do Oncidium orchids flower?

There is no ‘blooming season’ for Oncidiums – they bloom whenever a new growth matures which can be 1-2 times a year.

Do Oncidium lose their leaves?

This is normal and natural. Sometimes a stress, such as repotting, will cause an orchid to lose a leaf or two on an old pseudobulb. … The orchid in the picture, an Oncidium, is doing just that. After repotting it has chosen to shed the leaves on its oldest pseudobulb (often called a “back bulb”).

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Why are my Oncidium leaves turning brown?

Oncidiums are famous for having fine brown or blackish spots here and there on the leaves. Inuries commonly develop a black spot. Many people have spots on their Oncidium leaves. It is thought to be related to temperature, humidity and/or water purity not being ideal.

How big do Oncidium orchids get?

Oncidium species usually flower in an array of inflorescence, stemming from racemes attached to mature stems. These medium sized orchids have leaves which can grow up to two feet lengthwise. Some varieties can reach a height of ten feet, although most hybrids are around one to two feet.

Do orchids need darkness?

First, plants need a night just as we do. They are adapted to the daily cycle of the sun and different parts of their metabolic cycle are accomplished during light and dark periods. In addition, many orchids, especially species, are adapted to changes in day length. … Too much sunlight will burn an orchid’s leaves.

How do you care for a Oncidium aka Baby?

Orchid Care: Generally easy to care for. Grow in dappled to bright indirect light. Water frequently if grown in a porous potting medium (e.g. bark mix) or, if in sphagnum, water just as the medium starts to dry.