Best answer: Which of the following supports that a flower is a highly condensed?

Which of the statements support that a flower is a highly condensed?

The correct statement is ‘c’ because flower is highly condensed and modified shoot meant for sexual reproduction (Dr. Goethe, 1790).

Why is flower a condensed shoot?

Answer by Isha Agarwal

The flower is said to be a modified shoot because flower has nodes and inter nodes similar to the vegetative shoot. But the inter node are condensed and the number of appendages arising from the nodes are numerous.

Which is highly condensed shoot meant for reproduction?

Explanation: flower is a highly condensed shoot and modified shoots meant for sexual reproduction (dr.

Which part of flower is highly modified stem?

The enlarged and condensed axis is the thalamus of a flower.

Which of the statement support that a flower is highly condensed and modified part of the plant body?

Except for the lower internode, other internodes are condensed forming a broad base called thalamus. The flower may develop in the axis of a small leaf-like structure called bract.

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Question Which of the statements supports that a flower is a highly condensed and modified part of the plant body?
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Which one among the following is a condensed rudimentary shoot?

The bud is a condensed rudimentary shoot.

What is a condensed shoot?

“Explain flower is a condensed shoot” Flower is a reproductive organ of a plant. Flower is a condensed shoot. Its respective lateral organs are sepal, petal, stamen,carpel. These all lateral organs are homologus.

What is flower modified shoot?

The thalamus of a flower is the enlarged and condensed axis. It has nodes and very short internodes. It bears the floral whorls at the nodes. These whorls are arranged in a definite sequence. Hence, flower is called as modified shoot.

Why flower is called shoot?

Answer: A flower is defined as a modified shoot because it is a specialized structure developed to reproduce seeds. The function of the shoot is the transfer of water and nutrients. To perform the function of the reproduction, the shoots gets modified into flowers.

Is highly modified and condensed shoot for reproduction?

An angiospermous flower represents the modified condensed shoot which performs the function of sexual reproduction.

Is flower of tulip A modified shoot?

The first statement is Flower of the tulip is a modified shoot: In some plants, the underground stem is modified to form the bulb. … A very common example of a plant with bulbs is Tulip. In the tulip, the flower is modified to form the shoot. The leaves form the bulb.

What is gynoecium made up of?

The gynoecium (whether composed of a single carpel or multiple “fused” carpels) is typically made up of an ovary, style, and stigma as in the center of the flower.

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When stamens are superior The flower is?

If the sepals, petals and stamens, or their united bases (floral tube), arise from below the ovary it is superior. If the sepals, petals and stamens are free from each other the flower is hypogynous (compared with perigynous and epigynous.

Which part of the flower is highly modified stem Androecium thalamus Gynoecium sepal?

Calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium are modified leaves. – Calyx and corolla are accessory organs, while androecium and gynoecium are reproductive organs. – Calyx is the outermost whorl of the flower, it is green, leaf-like and protects the flower in the bud stage.

Is a flower a modified stem?

That being said, and seen in previous answers, flowers are modified stem and leaves (shoot). Sepals, petals, stamens, and carpels are modified leaves on the receptacle (modified stem).