Best answer: Who does the speaker address throughout the poem the flower school?

This poem is a vivid description of budding flowers and their growth in Spring, and it compares flowers to young school children. The speaker seems to be a young child, who speaks to a mother figure in the poem saying that he believes that the flowers must go to school underground.

Who is the speaker of the poem Song of the flowers?

1 Answer : khalil gibran is the speaker in the poem ” song of the flower “. 2 Answer : lt decorate the plain and fills the air with its fragrance. 3 answer : Blue tent’ refers to the sky and the ‘Green carpet’ refers to the earth full of vegetation.

What is the central idea of the poem the flower?

Explanation: In the poem ‘The Flower’, the poet, Tennyson talks about general wisdom; through this metaphorical poem he tells the readers that new ideas, endeavors are initially scoffed at by people. And when that new idea or endeavor becomes popular, people far and wide imitate it.

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How does the speaker describe the storm the flower school?

The speaker describes the storm as being the mother of the flowers. … The storm makes the tree branches clash against one another, and the leaves rustle wildly in the wind, and the thunder clouds boom and “clap their giant hands,” and all the flowers rush out to raise their arms up to the sky.

How does the poet describe the flower?

The flowers “toss their heads” while dancing to the wind. By “heads” we think he means the part of the flower with the petals, the weight of which causes the rest of the flower to bob.

What does the expression blue tent refer to?

Answer: ‘Blue tent’ refers to the sky and the ‘Green carpet’ refers to the earth full of vegetation.

Who watches over the flower?

17. Who watches over the flower? ‘Eyes of Night’ watches over the flowers.

Who wrote the poem flower?

Les Fleurs du mal

The first edition of Les Fleurs du mal with author’s notes.
Author Charles Baudelaire
Language French
Genre Lyric poetry
Published 1857

Who is the author of the poem flower?

‘The Flower’ is a little gem of a poem from Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-92), who remains the longest-serving UK Poet Laureate (from 1850 until his death in 1892).

What is the moral of the fable recited in the poem the flower?

It demonstrates that people do not like the flower. This fable is an irony because at the beginning people say the flower is “a weed” (line 4), but then they say “splendid is the flower” (line 16). It is a moral poem because the poet tries to show all people a flower but nobody want to see it.

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Who is the speaker of the poem storm?

The speaker, we find out as the poemprogresses, is most likely a child speaking to his mother. The child speaks directly to his mother during the poem.

How does the speaker describe the storm?

How does the speaker describe the storm? Ans. The speaker describes that with the strong storm the branches hit against each other , leaves makes crackling sound and cloud make sound of thunder.

Who does the speaker refer to as they in these lines?

The speaker Gratiano who is a close friend and well wisher of Antonio speaks these lines to remove his sadness. He knowns well that Antonio is a practical man, He would never disguise himself to impress others.

Who wants a flower in the poem?

1. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, comes to Flora, the goddess of flowers, to ask for the flower who could hold the title of “undisputed queen.”

Who is the master of flower school?

Answer: Nature is the master of the flower children.

What does the speaker imagine the flowers might also do?

What does the speaker of “To a Butterfly” imagine the flower might do? In the poem “To a Butterfly” by William Wordsworth, the speaker imagines that the flower will serve as a resting place and a sanctuary for the butterfly so that he and his sister can observe it.