Do disk flowers produce hundreds of seeds?

Are disc flowers complete?

The inner disk flowers generally are complete flowers, and the ray flowers generally are sterile.

What is the function of a disk flower?

Disc florets on both plant types each have one pistil and five stamens, appearing hermaphroditic. Laciniate florets on male and female plants each have one pistil and no stamen, appearing pistillate. Only the disc floret on males produces pollen for the species, and only the laciniate floret on females bears ovules.

Which flower has a disc that has hundreds of tiny flowers?

Plants of the Aster or Sunflower Family

Look closely at a sunflower in bloom, and you can see that there are hundreds of little flowers growing on a disk, each producing just one seed. Each “disk flower” has 5 tiny petals fused together, plus 5 stamens fused around a pistil with antennae-like stigmas.

What flower is made up of hundreds of flowers within the flower?

You might also introduce the concept of composite flowers. These flowers look like one flower but are actually made up of hundreds of separate flowers. Flowers of a sunflower, chrysanthemum, dandelion, and daisy are members of this group.

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What is the difference between ray flowers and disk flowers?

Two main floret types are recognized: disc flowers (also written”disk”) and ray flowers. As shown in the photo at the right, of marigold’s two kinds of florets, disc flowers have cylindrical corollas, while ray flowers have flat, blade-like ones.

Do disk flowers have petals?

Their petals are zygomorphic (asymmetrical) and are characterised by the presence of a ligule, a part remembering the typical petal that we pluck off the daisy when playing the game. Disc flowers are usually hermaphrodites and have a less showy actinomorphic (symmetric) tubular corolla.

What kind of flower contains ray and disk flowers?

Pseudanthia are characteristic of the daisy and sunflower family (Asteraceae), whose flowers are differentiated into ray flowers and disk flowers, unique to this family.

How many anthers does a daisy have?

Their flowers have two stamens that are attached to the style, with the anthers near the stigma, and the whole complex triggers the explosive release of pollen on visiting insects.

How many petals does a Gumamela have?

What Is a Gumamela Flower? The flowers grow from about 4 to 8 inches wide, but they can reach up to 10 inches in width. Each flower has both male (stamen) and female (ovary) parts. Every stalk has one flower, and most flowers have five petals, although some have double rows of petals.

What type of flower has a capitulum structure?

Inflorescences. Nearly all Asteraceae bear their flowers in dense flower heads called capitula. They are surrounded by involucral bracts, and when viewed from a distance, each capitulum may appear to be a single flower.

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Are all plants in the aster family edible?

The stems and leaves of all species have milky juice, and all are edible, but bitter. Bitter substances like dandelion greens are helpful as an appetizer to stimulate digestive secretions before the main meal.

Is Aster a sunflower?

One of the many things I love about late summer are the throngs of colorful, star-shaped flowers that spring up all over the landscape. Most of us are familiar with the yellow ones (sunflowers). … These flowers are all part of the Aster family, Asteraceae, the largest and most diverse group in the plant kingdom.

How are seeds made?

Seeds are the result of plant reproduction. … When pollen lands on the flower’s stigma, it germinates and forms a pollen tube, which then quickly grows towards the plant’s ovary. Once it finds an ovule, the pollen tube bursts to release sperm cells, which fertilize the ovule and initiate seed formation.

What is disc floret and ray floret?

A disc floret has five evenly sized petals with radial symmetry (actinomorphic; Fig. 1G), while a ray floret has bilateral symmetry (zygomorphic; Fig. 1F) with three fused and elongated ventral petals and two reduced dorsal petals (Trow, 1912).

What is stamens in flower?

Stamen: The pollen producing part of a flower, usually with a slender filament supporting the anther. Anther: The part of the stamen where pollen is produced. Pistil: The ovule producing part of a flower. The ovary often supports a long style, topped by a stigma.