Quick Answer: Which of these flowers are used in the victory bouquets at the Tokyo Olympics?

The Olympic victory bouquets are made of flowers grown in prefectures affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, which devastated the country back in 2011. There are sunflowers, gentians, eustomas and Solomon’s seals.

What are the flowers given to Olympic winners?

The small blue flowers in the victory bouquets, called gentians, were grown in the coastal area of Iwate which was struck by the disaster of 2011. The green aspidistras in the bouquets were grown in the host city of Tokyo and thus represent it.

What is the flower of Tokyo?

Cherry blossoms, the national flower of Japan, during cherry-bloom holiday week, Uyeno Park, Tokyo.

What do the flowers represent at the Tokyo Olympics?

The bouquets are accompanied by Tokyo’s Olympic and Paralympic mascots — Miraitowa, who represents both Japan’s traditions and future, and Someity, who symbolises strength and overcoming barriers. Bonus fact: Miraitowa’s name comes from the Japanese words “mirai” (meaning future) and “towa” (meaning eternity).

Why are there sunflowers in Tokyo Olympics?

Parents who lost children to the earthquake returned to the area to plant sunflowers on the hill where children sought safety from the tsunami. As such the hill becomes covered with sunflowers every year, the yellow flower has become a symbol for the people of Miyagi who were affected by the disaster in 2011.

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What flowers are in the Olympic bouquets?

The emotional meaning behind the flower bouquets given to Olympians on podium. Victory bouquets feature sunflowers from Miyagi, gentians from Iwate, and eustomas from Fukushima.

What are the Olympic bouquets made of?

Gentians from Iwate: The indigo blue of gentian flowers matches the color chosen for the emblem of the Tokyo 2020 Games. Over half of the gentians grown in Japan come from Iwate, making the flowers synonymous with the region.

What sunflower means?


Different cultures believe it means anything from positivity and strength to admiration and loyalty. In Chinese culture, sunflowers are said to mean good luck and lasting happiness which is why they are often given at graduations and at the start of a new business.

What does the sunflower represent in Japan?

Himawari, or the sunflower, is popular in Japanese flower due to its large yellow flowers that mean loyalty, longevity, and adoration in Hanakotoba.

Why are sunflowers in Olympic bouquets?

The flowers used in the bouquets pay tribute to three key areas of Japan. … Following those disasters, a non-profit organization was established to grow those flowers as a way to promote recovery in the area. The sunflowers pay tribute to children in Miyagi who died during the earthquake and tsunami.