What diseases affect geraniums?

The primary diseases encountered on seedling geraniums are Damping-Off, Pythium Root Rot, Rhizoctonia Root and Crown Rot, and Botrytis Leaf Blight, Crown Rot, and Flower Blight.

How do you treat geranium disease?

Prune off and destroy infected plant parts and keep the soil surrounding the plant clear of any debris. Fungicides may be applied at the first sign of disease to help curtail its spread.

What’s wrong with my geranium leaves?

The most common problems encountered while growing geraniums are improper watering and bacterial or fungal disease. … Bacterial or fungal disease can stunt your geraniums growth, and will often result in wilting or discoloration of leaves, stems, or flowers.

What diseases can geraniums get?

Yellow-orange spots or raised pustules on leaves are a fungal disease called rust. Treat and prevent this disease with either Yates Rose Gun or OCP Eco-fungicide. To reduce the risk of rust infection keep plants in a sunny spot with good airflow and only water from the base or saucer.

What are the brown spots on my geranium leaves?

Geranium Leaf Rust Symptoms

Rust on a geranium begins as small, pale yellow circles on the underside of the leaves. These spots quickly grow in size and darken to brown or “rusty” colored spores. … Heavily infected leaves will drop. Untreated geraniums with leaf rust will eventually become completely defoliated.

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Why are my geranium leaves turning yellow and brown?

One of the most common causes of yellowing leaves is too much moisture or overwatering. Generally, on overwatered plants, the bottom portions of geraniums have yellow leaves. They may also develop pale looking water spots. … Water or air temperature that is too cool can also result in geranium yellow leaves.

How do I know if my geraniums are dead?

If the stem is mushy or brittle, check the roots for the same conditions. The roots, too, should be pliable but firm. If both the stems and roots are brittle or mushy, the plant is dead and you will simply need to start over.

What causes geranium flowers to turn brown?

Geranium buds will turn brown and dry up if overwatered. If you can get them out of the rain for a while, that should help future buds.

Why are my geranium leaves turning yellow and red?

The most common reason for red leaves on a geranium is cool temperatures. … Geranium plants have low water needs and red geranium leaves oftentimes are caused by overwatering. Geraniums may also produce red leaves from too little watering.