What do you write on a flower card to your dad?

What should I write on a card with flowers?

Need Help Writing the Card Messages Sent with Your Flowers?

  • I am sorry you are not feeling well. …
  • Feel better and get well soon. …
  • If I told you to “get well soon,” it wouldn’t be soon enough. …
  • Hope your recovery is a speedy one. …
  • Sending loads of love your way for a speedy recovery!
  • Our thoughts are with you.

What should I write on my dads funeral flowers?

What to write on funeral flowers for Dad

  • To the best Dad I could have asked for – there are no words to express how much I will miss you.
  • Dear Dad, you will live in our hearts and minds forever. Miss you.
  • Dad, I will cherish every moment spent with you forever. …
  • You changed my life in countless ways. …
  • Love you Dad.

What do you write on a flower card just because?

Just Because Card Messages

  • The pure joy of the unexpected can be a source of wonder to me!
  • Loving the people I know allows me to know the people I love!
  • For the best reason of all – none.
  • May your day be as wonderful as you are.
  • Just because you’re you.
  • I hope you’re my friend forever. …
  • To brighten your day!
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How do you write a surprise message?

‘Just Because’ Messages for a Gift Card

  1. “I saw this, and it made me think of you.” Have you ever been out and about when you saw an item that reminded you of someone? …
  2. “I hope this brightens your new home.” …
  3. “Hope this brightens your day.” …
  4. “I know you’ve been coveting something from here.” …
  5. “I couldn’t resist.”

What do you write on a card for funeral flowers?

Short Funeral Flower Messages

  • Forever in our thoughts.
  • Memories of You Will Last Forever.
  • Gone but never forgotten.
  • Thinking of you always.
  • May your heart and soul find peace and comfort.
  • You will be sorely missed.
  • May you rest in peace.
  • With love and fond memories.

What do you write on a funeral flower card?

Examples of things that can be written in cards:

  • Thinking of you and your family during this time.
  • ___ will always be in my heart.
  • Forever in our thoughts.
  • Gone but never forgotten.
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • With heartfelt condolences.
  • Sent with love and remembrance.
  • We send you thoughts of peace and courage.

What message do you send for funeral flowers?

May our Lord bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief. Please accept our sincere condolences. Our deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. May God give you the comfort and peace that you seek and may the soul of your loved one rest in peace.

What do I write on a card for a gift?


  1. With special thanks and much appreciation.
  2. Sincere thanks for your extra efforts.
  3. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated so much more than words can say.
  4. With sincere gratitude for all you have done.
  5. You’re the best!
  6. You made my day!
  7. It was a pleasure to work with you.
  8. Thank you for thinking of us.
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What do you write in a special card for someone?

Here are a few examples.

  • Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.
  • Best wishes on your wonderful new journey together.
  • Thank you for letting us share such a special day with you.
  • Thanks for the free booze! Best wishes on a long and happy marriage.
  • Congrats and welcome to the family.

What do you say when receiving flowers?

Thank you all for your thoughtful gift. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to send such a lovely bouquet of flowers. I know you are so busy. I hope to recover as quickly as possible so that I can get back to work!

How do you write a surprise card?

To Simply Convey Affection with a Gift:

  1. You are special and the one we adore. So, sending this little box of surprise for you…!
  2. Someone special like you deserves the best. Tried a bit to give you a little yet best surprise with this gift!
  3. Love and affection fonder with little jovial moments!

How do you end a gift message?

Here are some options to get your thinking wheel turning.

  1. Thanks.
  2. Many thanks.
  3. Kind thanks.
  4. In gratitude.
  5. In appreciation.
  6. With sincere gratitude.
  7. With gratitude.
  8. Gratefully yours.

How can I surprise him over text?

Here are 51 cute things to say to your boyfriend to let them know that they are special:

  1. 1. ” I like you more than coffee. …
  2. 2. ” No one has ever come close to making me feel the way you do.”
  3. 3. ” The day I met you will forever be one of the most amazing days of my life.”
  4. 4. ” You feel like home.”
  5. 5. ” …
  6. 6. ” …
  7. 7. ” …
  8. 8. “
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