What is a cool flower name?

Flower names for girls such as Iris, Violet, Daisy, Lily, and Rose top the popularity lists in the US and several other countries as well. Along with Lily and Rose, other top flower names include Briar (for both genders), Delphine, Dahlia, Holly, Ivy, Magnolia, and Poppy, all ranking in the US Top 1000.

What is best flower name?

Flower names for girls

  • Lily. This English name is a symbol of innocence and purity, which is exactly how your tiny babe comes into the world. …
  • Rose. This charming botanical name, of Latin origin, has tons of variations. …
  • Leilani. …
  • Marguerite. …
  • Fleur or Fflur. …
  • Azalea. …
  • Alyssa. …
  • Jasmine/Yasmin.

What are 20 flowers name?

Flower names:

  • Tulip.
  • Daffodil.
  • Poppy.
  • Sunflower.
  • Bluebell.
  • Rose.
  • Snowdrop.
  • Cherry blossom.

What name means pretty flower?

Ayana. Learn about the name Ayana. With African roots, Ayana means “beautiful flower.” It’s a nature-inspired name with a happy, creative ring to it.

What is the rarest flower?

The Middlemist’s Red camellia is considered the rarest flower in the world. Only two known examples are believed to exist, one in New Zealand and another one in England. The plant was brought from China to England in 1804 by John Middlemist.

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What name means flower girl?

Flora. This word means “flower” in Latin. The girl’s name Flora was popular during the Renaissance in Europe. It was also the name of the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.

What is the coolest flower?

40 of the worlds weirdest flowers

  • #1. Monkey Face Orchid (Dracula simia) …
  • #2. Bat plant (Tacca integrifolia) …
  • #3. Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis amabilis) …
  • #4. Corpse Flower (Rafflesia keithii) …
  • #5. Naked Man Orchid (Orchis italica) …
  • #6. Hooker’s Lips (Psychotria elata) …
  • #7. Dancing Girls (Impatiens bequaertii) …
  • #8.

What is the softest flower?

Ranunculus – The Softest Flower.

What is the cutest flower?

Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

  • Water Lily. The queen of all aquatic flowers, water lilies have 70 different species in the world. …
  • Bleeding Heart. This flower manages to catch the attention of every person with its beautiful heart shape. …
  • Cherry Blossom. …
  • Bird of Paradise. …
  • Dahlia. …
  • Lotus. …
  • Orchid. …
  • Tulip.

What is flower name?

Scientific Name Of Flowers

English Hindi Scientific
Rose गुलाब Rosa
Lotus कमल Nelumbo nucifera
Jasmine चमेली Jasminum
Sunflower सूरजमुखी Helianthus

What is the 10 flowers name?

Flowers Name in Hindi and English – 100 फूलों के नाम

क्र.सं. English Hindi
8. Pot Marigold गुले अशर्फ़ी
9. Jasmine चमेली के फूल
10. Star Jasmine कुंद पुष्प
11. Night Blooming Jasmine रात की रानी

What is flower name in English?

Flowers are an important part of everyday human life. We use them for many purposes.

15 Flower Names in Hindi and English.

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S.No. English Name For Flower Hindi Name For Flower
1 Rose Gulaab
2 Sunflower Surajmukhi
3 Night-blooming jasmine Raat Rani
4 Jasmine Chameli

What is the rarest girl name?

10 Rarest Girl Names in the United States

  • Yara.
  • Nathalia.
  • Yamileth.
  • Saanvi.
  • Samira.
  • Sylvie.
  • Miya.
  • Monserrat.

What are unique names?

20 Unique Unisex Baby Names

  • Akira. Japanese in origin, this unisex name can mean “bright” or “clear.”
  • Averill. …
  • Chrisley. …
  • Dallas. …
  • Dell. …
  • Gio. …
  • Kamala. …
  • Leith.

What girl name means fire?

Girl Baby Names That Mean Fire

  • Abenanka. This name means fire in the Ainu culture!
  • Aguya. This Russian name means “mistress of fire.”
  • Aithne. This Irish name means “fire.”
  • Alinta. An Australian Aboriginal name meaning “fire” or “flame.”
  • Arpina. This Armenian name means “rising of the sun.”
  • Bedelia. …
  • Bridget. …
  • Calida.