When did Freddies flowers start?

We launched Freddie’s Flowers in 2014. That first year was incredibly hard – I was getting up at 4am, going to bed very late and doing everything myself. In some ways, though, the biggest challenge was letting other people get involved when I was used to being in control.

When did Freddie’s flowers start?

Freddie’s Flowers is a fast-growing direct-to-consumer flower business based in the UK and Germany. It all started with Freddie Garland delivering weekly flowers to his Mum & Dad’s neighbours back in 2015 in a knackered old milk float.

How did Freddies flowers start?

He founded Freddie’s Flowers aged 26 after quitting his job at organic food firm Abel & Cole because he saw how its subscription model for grocery boxes could be transferred to flowers. He had done no research and had no business plan other than to ‘deliver flowers to people and create joy’.

Who started Freddies flowers?

Freddie Garland – Founder – Freddie’s Flowers | LinkedIn.

How many customers does Freddies flowers have?

Today, Freddie’s Flowers has over 60,000 subscribers, makes over 22,000 weekly deliveries and is looking at expanding into Europe and the US.

Is it easy to cancel Freddies flowers?

We only take payment on the morning of each delivery. So you’ll only ever pay for what we deliver, and you can skip or cancel at any time.

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Can you send Freddies flowers as a gift?

Freddie’s Flowers is a floral subscription service where you can sign up for regular flower deliveries to be sent directly to you (or someone else), you can choose to skip weeks or just choose when the deliveries suit you. …

How long do Freddie’s flowers last?

Our flowers are ridiculously fresh – cut to order they usually last over two weeks, especially if you follow the flower care advice! I’ve never arranged flowers before – will I be any good? You’ll be absolutely fine! For each delivery, Freddie writes up an arranging guide that you’ll get in your box.

Who is Freddie Garland?

Florist’s son Garland, 30, started his subscription flower delivery service in London in 2015. He worked at vegetable delivery venture Abel & Cole, and its founder, Keith Abel, took a minority stake. Sales are set to hit £10m this year.