You asked: Why is flower said to be modified shoot?

The enlarged and condensed axis is the thalamus of a flower. It has nodes and internodes that are very short. The floral whorls at the nodes are bear by it. … Therefore, the flower is called a modified shoot.

Why is flower called a modified shoot?

Answer: A flower is defined as a modified shoot because it is a specialized structure developed to reproduce seeds. … To perform the function of the reproduction, the shoots gets modified into flowers. The sepals and petals in flowers are considered as modified leaves.

Who said that flower is a modified shoot?

Goethe (1889) defined the flower as the modified shoot meant for reproduction.

Which is a modified shoot?

Like leaves and roots, shoots and stems also have modifications. Some examples are rhizomes, stolons, tubers, bulbs, corms, thorns, spines, cladophylls, and stem traps. … Buds from the axils of the leaves make new branches that will grow to become aboveground shoots.

Which is correct about flower it is modified?

Floral organs are arranged in whorls.

Is a flower a modified stem?

* Flower is a modified shoot (stem bearing leaves). * In a typical flower the stem portion is condensed to form a compact receptacle called thalamus. The thalamus bears whorls of green leaves/appendages (sepals), colored leaves (petals), male appendages stamens, female appendages (ovaries).

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What is modification of flower?

Flowers can be modified in various ways including: (a) reduction of parts; (b) loss of parts; (c) fusion of parts; (d) displacement of ovary; (e) changes in floral symmetry; (f) changes in floral shape; and (g) floral morphs. A. Reduction/Loss of Parts. Complete – all four floral organs present.

How does Axis nature of thalamus explain flower as modified shoot?


Flower consists of an axis known as thalamus or torus. a) This axis bears modified floral leaves viz, sepals, petals, stamens and carpels. Generally the axis in a flower consists of short or suppressed internodes and nodes.

What are flowers considered as modified leaves?

The sepals and petals may be regarded as modified leaves. Stamens and carpels also show some resemblance to leaves in position, arrangement, internal structure and development. Based on these similarities, they are comparable with leaves which bear reproductive organs.

What is flower modified shoot?

The thalamus of a flower is the enlarged and condensed axis. It has nodes and very short internodes. It bears the floral whorls at the nodes. These whorls are arranged in a definite sequence. Hence, flower is called as modified shoot.

What induces flowering?

Flower induction is the physiological process in the plant by which the shoot apical meristem becomes competent to develop flowers. Biochemical changes at the apex, particularly those caused by cytokinins, accompany this process.

What is plant modification?

Modifications of roots

Roots are the part of the plant which are mainly used for support and anchorage of plants. 2. Some of the roots like carrot and radish are modified to perform a special function like storage of food. The food stored in the roots is utilized during unfavorable conditions.

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Is flower of tulip A modified shoot?

The first statement is Flower of the tulip is a modified shoot: In some plants, the underground stem is modified to form the bulb. … A very common example of a plant with bulbs is Tulip. In the tulip, the flower is modified to form the shoot. The leaves form the bulb.