Frequent question: Can you repot cymbidium orchids in summer?

These orchids do best when the root system is left undisturbed, so repot only when the medium has broken down. When plants need to be divided and repotted, do so in the spring after the plants have finished blooming.

What month do you repot cymbidium orchids?

Professional cymbidium growers repot throughout the year (except for mid-winter), but only because they have too many plants to repot at the optimal times, which are October/November and March. What Potting Mix? Various materials have been used in orchid potting mixes over the years.

When should you not repot an orchid?

Three signs your orchid needs to be repotted

  1. Your orchid has tightly tangled roots. It’s normal for Phalaenopsis orchids to have loosely tangled roots. …
  2. It’s been a while since you’ve repotted. Orchids need fresh potting mix every year or so. …
  3. Your orchid’s roots are soft and brown.

Can cymbidiums take full sun?

During the growing season, cymbidium orchids appreciate dappled sunlight. If your orchids are outdoors, make sure they are not in direct sunlight, as this can cause burning on the plant. A few hours of morning sunlight paired with shady afternoons should be perfect.

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Can you repot orchids while they’re blooming?

For the most part, you should avoid repotting when in bud if it is not necessary. If you repot when your plant is actually blooming, it is normal for the flowers to drop faster than normal, sometimes almost immediately. Only repot when blooming if you feel it is absolutely necessary.

How often should I repot my cymbidium orchid?

Cymbidium orchids are prized for their long-lasting sprays of flowers, used especially as cut flowers or spring corsages. Recently, I decided it was time to divide and repot my cymbidiums – a process that’s usually done every two to three years, when the plant is very pot bound or its medium no longer drains properly.

What do you soak orchid roots in before repotting?

Prepare some cinnamon (yes, the kind you use to cook with, as in cinnamon buns) or sulfur. You will need them to dust the roots after they are cut to disinfect them. Soak your orchid in a bucket of water for half an hour or so to loosen the potting medium and make the roots more flexible.

What is the best fertilizer for cymbidium?

Fertilizer at the proper time to help cymbidiums flower. During the growth season (spring through late summer), highnitrogen fertilizer (such as 30-10-10) is used. In late summer, use a high-phosphorus, blossom-booster fertilizer (such as 10- 30-20), to help form bloom spikes.

Is coffee grounds good for orchids?

Orchids require very low amounts of fertilizer when they are actively growing leaves and roots. The American Orchid Society recommends feeding your plants regularly with a 20-20-20 fertilizer with little to no urea. … Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer, especially for orchids and African violets.

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How do I get my cymbidium orchid to flower again?

Moderate and regular watering and using the right amount of fertilizer is essential in triggering your cymbidium orchids to bloom. In summer, you must water your orchids two to three times a week, but during winter once a week is enough. If you are overwatering, the plants may shed their buds.

Can you repot an orchid from moss to bark?

While your orchid is out of the pot and free of any medium, it is time to check for decay. … Again, be very careful to not clip away any healthy roots — repotting orchids does not need to be a traumatic experience! Once only healthy roots are left, repack them with your damp moss, orchid bark, or mix.

Do you water an orchid after repotting?

The first week after repotting simply water and continue to mist your orchid on your personal schedule. … On the second week after repotting, fertilize your orchid, substituting rooting solution for fertilizer. Do not water your Phalaenopsis on the weeks it is fertilized.

How do you take care of a cymbidium orchid?

Cymbidium Orchids

  1. Position. Good filtered light or sun until 1-2pm is best for Cymbidiums. …
  2. Feeding. Orchids have two main growing periods in Melbourne. …
  3. Watering. Water sparingly in winter – rain is usually enough unless it is dry for more than a week. …
  4. Re-potting. …
  5. Pests. …
  6. To Help Flowering.