Frequent question: How often do you water a golden torch cactus?

Use crushed stone or tiny pebbles as soil to improve drainage for your Golden Torch Cactus. Direct light is best. Water your cactus every 10 days to two weeks.

How much water does a torch cactus need?

They will not flower with less than 4 to 5 hours of direct sun a day. vigorous growth and flowering water once a week from April to October and feed two or three times a year. Water every two weeks or so.

When should I water my torch cactus?

Watering and Feeding

Peruviana Torch cactus should be watered deeply, keeping enough of an interval in between to allow the soil to dry slightly. Make sure you water the plant frequently during the growing season, spring and summer. Water near the base of the plant and avoid getting any on the plant column.

How do you take care of a golden torch cactus?

Golden Torch Cactus Care

  1. Soil: Loose, well draining soil that is moderately fertile.
  2. Temperature: Can withstand temperatures slightly below frost (frost = 32 degrees Fahrenheit) for a brief period of time.
  3. Water: Occasional, deep watering. …
  4. Sun: Full sun to partial shade.
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How fast does Golden Torch grow?

With its multi-stemmed/clumping habit and slow growth (6” per year) Golden Torch looks exceptional in a decorative pot by the front door or on the patio. Flowers usually come in late spring/early summer and sometimes again in the fall.

How often should you water Peruvian torch?

Peruvian Torch Cactus needs 0.8 cups of water every 12 days when it doesn’t get direct sunlight and is potted in a 5.0″ pot.

How do I get my torch cactus to bloom?

They bloom when temperatures consistently exceed 70 degrees (F). Exposure: Full sun to partial shade. Water needs: Above 70 degrees (F), Echinopsis enjoys regular watering.

When should I repot my torch cactus?

A general rule of thumb is to repot every 2 to 4 years. If you fertilize annually, the latter is more appropriate but if you don’t fertilize, repot in two years to replenish soil fertility. The best time is during active growth in January or February.

How tall does a torch cactus grow?

The Peruvian torch cactus (E. peruviana) is native to the Peruvian Andes and features ribbed stems that can reach up to 6 metres (20 feet) in height.

How do you care for a Peruvian Torch?

Care of the plant Echinopsis peruviana or Peruvian Torch

  1. Common name: Peruvian Torch. This species is native to Peru. …
  2. Water moderately waiting for the substrate to dry; do not water from mid-fall to early spring. …
  3. Fertilize in early spring with compost and once a month with cactus fertilizer in summer.

How long do torch cactus flowers last?

The red torch grows one to three feet high and it branches spread up to three feet. It is a heat-loving cactus. Flowers, two to four inches across bloom in the spring. The flowers are nocturnally blooming and exist for only about 18 hours, similar to saguaro flowers.

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Can you eat torch cactus?

Golden Torch cactus fruits can be eaten as a standalone snack, or they can be tossed into salads, mixed into fruit bowls, diced into fruit salsas, or stirred into breakfast dishes such as yogurt.