Question: Is Butterfly pea flower good for you?

Butterfly pea flower is a common ingredient in many herbal teas, mixed drinks, and cosmetic products. It is rich in antioxidants and may be linked to several health benefits, including increased weight loss, better blood sugar control, and improvements in hair and skin health.

Is Butterfly pea flower toxic?

So no, there’s nothing toxic about the Butterfly Pea, which also has a pleasant smell and a delicate flavour which as a tisane, lends itself to mixing with other ingredients which are good for the body such as lemon juice, which changes the ph and turns it purple, or hibiscus, which produces a rich red hue, or just add …

Can I drink butterfly pea tea everyday?

Aside from its numerous health properties, a cup of Butterfly Pea tea every day can help reduce fatigue and bring about a sense of calm due to the herb’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

What are the side effects of Butterfly pea flower?

There are few side effects associated with butterfly pea flower tea consumption. The main side effects include upset stomach and nausea as well as allergic reactions. As with most herbal teas, butterfly pea flower tea may interact with certain medications.

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Is Butterfly pea flower actually good for you?

Butterfly pea flower is deeply rich in antioxidants, says Robinett. … It’s particularly rich in anthocyanin, a type of antioxidant also found in blueberries and red wine that is well-known for fighting inflammation and boosting heart health.

What are the health benefits of butterfly pea tea?

7 Health Benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

  • Promotes graceful aging. …
  • Provides antioxidant support. …
  • Contains anthocyanins. …
  • Supports glowing skin. …
  • Contains versatile catechins. …
  • Potential cognitive support. …
  • Eases occasional stress.

Is blue pea flower harmful?

Blue pea flower are also known as Butterfly Pea Flowers, asian pigeon wings while in Malaysia we called it Bunga Telang. … When he saw “Dr Frances” at Nam Wah Ee hospital, Penang, the doctor told him that the green sepal and the stigma of the blue pea flowers are toxic which can cause harm to the body when consumed.

Is butterfly pea tea good for weight loss?

Weight Loss And Other Benefits Of Blue Tea. Blue tea contains catechins, which are said to be instrumental in burning belly fat and aiding weight loss. Drinking butterfly-pea flowers seeped in warm water is said to be an effective way to rev up the metabolism, which in turn, makes the body burn more calories.

Is Butterfly pea flower good for high blood pressure?

It can reduce body pain, migraine, and swelling due to wounds and headaches. Lowers blood pressure: Consumption of butterfly pea flower tea can help reduce blood pressure. Individuals with elevated blood pressure (hypertension) could consume this. Improves skin health: Blue butterfly pea is rich in antioxidants.

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Is blue tea good for weight loss?

#3 Blue Tea is highly effective in weight loss and the credit goes to its Catechins content that aid fat burning by boosting metabolism and initiating thermogenesis. #4 Blue Tea is known for its anti-aging properties which are due to high concentration of antioxidants present in its leaves.

How do you eat butterfly pea flowers?

How to Make Hot Butterfly pea flower Tea properly

  1. STEP 1: Boil water. Water quality is important with tea. …
  2. STEP 2: Warm up teapot. …
  3. STEP 3: Put butterfly pea flower tea into teapot and add hot water.
  4. STEP 4: Cover teapot and steep for 5 minutes. …
  5. STEP 5: Strain butterfly pea flowers and pour hot tea into a teacup.

How many times a day can you drink butterfly pea tea?

It contains anthocyanin, which helps to increase blood circulation in the head, thereby strengthening the scalp and hair follicles. Its soothing flavor and aroma make this beverage a great stress buster. “There are no known side effects of blue tea, but it is best to restrict consumption to 2-3 cups a day.

Does Butterfly pea tea help you sleep?

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea for Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression. … There have also been studies done that show it’s affect on the Central Nervous System, playing a role in supporting anxiety, insomnia, and depression, and it may also be helpful for seizures along with improving cognitive behavior.