Question: What flowers can you grow inside during winter?

What flowers can I grow indoors in the winter?

With careful selection and attention to lighting and care, growing flowers indoors during the winter can easily become reality. Think geraniums, impatiens, miniature roses and bright begonias, or try your hand at foliage plants like coleus to replace the summer blooms.

What is a good indoor winter plant?

Heibel recommends placing succulents and cacti near any drafty windows since they do require a good amount of sunlight but can tolerate the cold better than tropical, leafy plants like the ZZ or sansevieria. … They prefer protection from intense sunlight, and that’s exactly what we get in winter.”

Where do I put my flowers in the winter?

Keep Flowers Away from Heat Sources

However, when trying to sustain a vase of fresh cut flowers, it’s best to display them in an area with as steady of a temperature as possible. Keep the vase away from windows that may frost or get cold in low temperatures, heat registers, vents, and radiators.

What can I plant indoors in January?

What to Plant in January

  • Beans and Peas. · Fava beans – all throughout January. …
  • Cruciferous Vegetables. · Cauliflower transplants – mid to late January. …
  • Greens. · Mustard (seeds or transplants) – end of January. …
  • Leeks and Onions. · Leeks (seeds or transplants) – early to mid-January. …
  • Root Veggies. …
  • Other.
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What is the easiest indoor plant to grow?

9 of the easiest houseplants that anyone can grow

  • monstera. Adaptable to almost all light conditions, and somewhat drought tolerant, the Monstera is a low maintenance, stunning tropical plant. …
  • sansevieria. …
  • zz plant. …
  • spider plant. …
  • philodendron heartleaf. …
  • hedgehog aloe.

Where do I put my plants in the winter?


  1. Avoid placing plants near cold drafts or heat sources.
  2. Keep plants several inches away from exterior windows.
  3. In cold regions, if windows frost overnight, move plants away from windows at dusk. You can also slip a heavy shade or other insulating material between plants and glass.

Can I grow cut flowers indoors?

Start growing your garden inside

Starting indoors is especially important for first-time cut gardeners in cooler climates, where planting cold-sensitive flowers too early in the season will prevent blossoms from reaching maturity.

How do you place indoor plants?

Spreading plants around the perimeter and away from the center of the room can make the space appear larger. For instance, place plants on shelves, window sills, or in corners. Hanging plants are back in style, but it’s essential to find the best spot. Don’t hang a plant where tall guests can bump their heads.

Can petunias grow indoors?

Although petunias are usually grown outdoors in window boxes, containers or flower beds, growing petunias indoors produces healthy plants if you put them near a sunny window and give them regular care.

What can I grow in February?

Sowing under cover

  • Lettuce.
  • Carrots.
  • Radish.
  • Rocket.
  • Baby beetroot.
  • Spinach.
  • Peas (mangetout and sugar snap)
  • Turnips.
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What can you plant in December?

A complete listing of vegetables that can be planted in December and through the winter includes beet, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, Chinese cabbage, collard, endive, garlic, kale, kohlrabi, leek, lettuce, mustard, onion, peas (English and snow), radish, rape, rutabaga, shallot, Swiss chard and turnip …

What can I plant this time of year?

Planting. You can continue (or start) planting any early-season crops, plus tomatoes, squash, melons, eggplant, peppers, sweet corn, cucumbers, potatoes, and herbs. Water and mulch any new transplants with care. If choosing to sow directly in the garden, start your carrots, beets, and radishes.