Where is the metal flower near cauldron XI?

Where is the last metal flower?

The last flower from the first set can be found near the road between Mother’s Crown and Hunter’s Gathering.

Where is the hidden metal flower?

This is found in the Ruins where you fall in as a kid. Head there as an adult, and go all the way back to where Aloy first picked up the holographic display piece. There is a nearby doorway that is blocked off by stalagmites. Smash through them and inside you will find this Metal Flower.

What happens when you collect all the metal flowers?

Metal Flowers are a collectible in Horizon Zero Dawn. Once you collect ten Metal Flowers of a certain set, you can buy the reward box from Kudiv in Meridian. … Collecting one Metal flower you’ll get the First Metal Flower Found trophy, while collecting all you get the All Metal Flowers Found trophy.

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What do you get for metal flowers horizon?

You can sell a set of 10 metal flowers to Kudiv for a reward box containing 1,000 shards and a bunch of modifications.

How many metal flower maps are there?

Metal Flowers are the most abundant collectible in the game, with a total of 30 to find.

Where is the cave Aloy fell in?

Power Cell #2: Ruins

For reference, this is the first cave that Aloy falls into as a young child. Head into the underground area and keep an eye out for a room that is blocked by a partially closed door (it is located in the purple section in the bottom right on the map).

What do metal flowers do in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Metal Flowers are a type of collectable found across the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. They can be seen scattered throughout the wilderness, each surrounded by a distinctive triangle of flowers. Metal Flowers can be traded in sets of 10 to the Carja merchant Kudiv, in exchange for special Treasure Boxes.

How many cauldrons are there in Horizon Zero Dawn?

There are five cauldrons visited in Horizon Zero Dawn.

How do you get metal flowers around dimmed bones?

Metal flower south west of Dimmed Bones

The easiest way up on to the mesa and this metal flower is from the campfire west and just slightly south of the Dimmed Bones icon. There’s a road here leading up to the ruins; just run south along the mesa top to find the flower. You can rappel back down nearby.

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How do you climb vantage point devil’s thirst?

This Vantage can be found just north of the Tallneck in Devil’s Thirst, up in the remains of the areas tallest building. Approaching from the south, follow the climb path up into the building (near the north-west corner of the Tallneck’s loop) and make your way upwards.

What do Banuk figures do?

Once all six figures are collected, they can be traded to a vendor in Meridian. They aren’t quite as valuable as the flowers, but they will get you 500 shards, plus five modification boxes for each two figures that you trade in. The figures are always on top of a mountain.

Where do you sell the ancient artifacts in zero dawn?

To cash in your Ancient Vessels in Horizon Zero Dawn, make your way to Meridian City on the west side of the map. Here, open your map and look for the icon for the Vessel Collectibles Specialty Merchant on the north east side.

Where is Meridian in Horizon?

Meridian is located on a mesa in what the Old Ones called Eagle Canyon, in the state of Utah. Meridian was heavily inspired by Angkor Wat, the capital of the old Khmer Empire in Cambodia (based on visual comparison).

Where is Kudiv?

Kudiv is a merchant in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is a Carja trader located in Meridian. He offers special Treasure Boxes in exchange for sets of Metal Flowers.

What do you get for ancient vessels?

Ancient vessels are a collectible in Horizon Zero Dawn. There are 3 sets available, and each one contains 4 different vessels. You can exchange them in Meridian by trading with Studious Palas, located near the town center. You will receive Palas’ Reward Boxes for each set.

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