Which flower has folded petals and sepals?

What do petals and sepals do?

Function. The main function of sepals is to protect the inner structures of a flower bud while the main function of petals is to attract pollinators to the flower.

What flowers are used for making ITR?

The Kannauj district in Uttar Pradesh is famous for Itr. Truckloads of flowers are brought from neighbouring areas for this purpose. Itr, rose water, Kewra water are prepared from flowers here. Thousands of people in Kannauj are engaged in this work.

What two flowers grow creepers?

Q. 2. From the picture given above and other flowers that you know, give names of two flowers which.

* Grow on trees Gulmohar Kadam
* Grow on creepers Champa Snow white
* Grow on water plants Lotus Water Lily
* Bloom only at night Jasmine Night queen
* Bloom in the day and close at night Sunflower Lotus

What is difference between flower and bud for Class 4?

Answer. Bud is small and pointed structure which develops into a flower. A flower is large and spread.

Do all flowers have sepals?

Complete Flowers

Some plants don’t form distinct petals and sepals, but they have one undifferentiated whorl comprised of structures called tepals. Petals, sepals, stamens and pistils are not formed on all flowers, but when they do the flower is said to be “complete.”

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What is sepal flower?

Sepal: The outer parts of the flower (often green and leaf-like) that enclose a developing bud.

Which flower is eaten in Kerala?

Take a look! Mathapoo (pumpkin flower) Thoran is a stir fry popularly savoured in Kerala and makes an ethnic delicacy there. Generally, these plants are grown at homes and plucked fresh to make this dish.

Which flower is eaten in Maharashtra?


State Common name Binomial name
Maharashtra Pride of India (Jarul) Lagerstroemia speciosa
Manipur Siroi lily Lilium mackliniae
Meghalaya Gamhar Cypripedioideae
Mizoram Red Vanda Renanthera imschootiana

Which city is called Valley of Flowers?

Valley of Flowers National Park is an Indian national park, located in Chamoli in the state of Uttarakhand and is known for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and the variety of flora.

Valley of Flowers National Park.

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Criteria Natural: (vii), (x)
Reference 335-002
Inscription 1988 (12th Session)
Extensions 2005