Which is called Actinomorphic flower?

A flower capable of being divided into equal halves along any diameter is radially symmetrical and is called an actinomorphic flower. Hibiscus is an actinomorphic flower.

Which are the Actinomorphic flower?

Actinomorphic flowers are also called radially symmetrical or regular flowers. Other examples of actinomorphic flowers are the lily (Lilium, Liliaceae) and the buttercup (Ranunculus, Ranunculaceae).

Which plant has Actinomorphic flower?

The Hibiscus belongs to the family Malvaceae. This flower can be bisected into two equal parts by any plane. So, Hibiscus is an actinomorphic flower.

What is Actinomorphic flower in biology?

A actinomorphic flower is a type of flower that possesses radial symmetry. An actinomorphic flower can be divided into three or more identical parts, each of which are identical to each other when based on the rotating point of the center of the flower.

Is Gulmohar a Actinomorphic flower?

When the floral appendages of different whorls are arranged in a pattern that allows the flower to be divided into two halves in any plane passing through its center, the flower is said to be actinomorphic. … Therefore, Gulmohar is an example of a zygomorphic flower. So, the answer is option C.

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What is a Zygomorphic flower?

Definition of zygomorphic

of a flower. : having floral parts unequal in size or form so that the flower is capable of division into essentially symmetrical halves by only one longitudinal plane passing through the axis.

What is an example of Zygomorphic flower?

The examples of the zygomorphic flowers are orchids, the plants belong to the family Lamiales, the flowers belong to the family of fabaceae or the leguminosae. The plants like green pea, soybean, lentil, beans, chickpea, pigeon pea, mung bean, peanut etc. belong to the family fabaceae having zygomorphic symmetry.

Is datura a Zygomorphic?

Flowers of gulmohur have bilateral symmetry. So, they are called zygomorphic. Datura, mustard and tomato have actinomorphic flowers.

Is brinjal a Zygomorphic?

The flower which has bilateral symmetry and can be divided by two halves only in one plane is called zygomorphic flower. … Ovary in such a flower is known as superior ovary. Ex : Brinjal.

Are roses Actinomorphic?

A flower may be radially symmetrical (see photograph), as in roses and petunias, in which case it is termed regular or actinomorphic. A bilaterally symmetrical flower, as in orchids (see photograph) and snapdragons, is irregular or zygomorphic.

What are Actinomorphic flowers Examples Class 11?

Actinomorphic flowers are radially symmetrical, i.e. flowers can be divided into two equal halves by any radial plane passing through the centre. E.g. chilli, datura, mustard, etc.

Which has Apocarpous Gynoecium?

Question : A multicarpellary, apocarpous gynoecium is found in :-

Question A multicarpellary, apocarpous gynoecium is found in :-
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Is chilli Zygomorphic flower?

No, chilli is not a zygomorphic flower.

Reason : … Examples of zygomorphic flowers includes : Bean, Pea, Gulmohur. And examples of other actinomorphic flowers are : Mustard and Datura.

Is Solanum a Zygomorphic?

Out of these 4 options, the solanum flower is one of the examples of zygomorphic flower. Like the typical zygomorphic flowers, a solanum flower can be divided into two similar splits. … These flowers are compatible of partition into basically balanced halves by only one longitudinal plane passing over the axis.

Is Tulip a Zygomorphic flower?

Called by botanists “actinomorphic,” these flowers — such as roses, daisies or tulips — can be bisected into two same halves on more than one plane. … “Those species with zygomorphic flowers have fewer visitors than those species with actinomorphic flowers, and we found that across the data set.”